Hotel de Paris: A Grandiose Monte Carlo Hotel

The Principality of Monaco is one very interesting and attractive place. For a long time, it was and still is one of Europe’s prime entertainment hotspots, a haunt of racing fanatics and those who get their dose of enjoyment from other activities. Recently, Monaco has enjoyed a thriving real estate market, thanks to the many visitors that opted to stay in the city state.

Monte Carlo is the most visited quarter in Monaco. No one familiar with the place will find it any surprising, considering the fact that this tourist resort contains most of Monaco’s attractions. In fact, it is where you’ll find entertainment and leisure in Monaco. Only in Monte Carlo can one see prestigious automobile racing competitions like the Monte Carlo Rally and the Formula One Grand Prix.

The Hotel de Paris

One of the quarter’s major landmarks and attraction is the Hotel de Paris. This Monte Carlo hotel serves as a testimony of Monaco’s wealth, culture, and love of fine aesthetics. Not many other hotels elsewhere gives you a five star at first glance. Indeed, it is a true luxury hotel, and is very deserving of its never-fading spot in the Conde Nast Traveller Gold List.

The hotel was built by the Societe des Bains de Mer (SBM) as part of its effort to develop Monaco. Opened in 1863, the hotel was intended to offer the best and most luxurious accommodation of the time which it certainly did. As of now, the hotel is still owned by the SBM, alongside Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel and Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.

The Monaco Hotel’s Outward Appearance

Looking at the Hotel de Paris’ facade, you can see just what grand accommodation those who booked into the hotel can expect. The front is just so meticulously detailed, adorned with intricate low-relief sculptures and blessed with over a century old beauty that outshines almost every modern edifice. This classic building truly enhances the beauty and charm of Monte Carlo, and that of Monaco as a whole.

Inside the Hotel

Hotel de Paris has 187 rooms. These rooms are divided into the following categories according to the view and luxury they offer, as well as the decor.

  • Exclusive Rooms – Sea View, as the name suggests, offer an excellent view of the Mediterranean, which includes Monaco’s beautiful marinas.
  • Superior Rooms – Courtyard View gives guests large, luxurious accommodations from which the Monte Carlo hotel’s courtyard can be seen.
  • Exclusive Rooms – City View are suites from which guests can view the magnificent Monegasque cityscape.
  • Exclusive Superior Rooms – Sea View are simply larger versions of the Sea View rooms.

Fine Dining in Hotel de Paris

The Hotel de Paris prides itself as a temple of gastronomy. Internationally renowned restaurants like the Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse are housed inside the 19th century building. The Monte Carlo hotel also has a wine cellar that offers a huge variety of liquor which makes dinner in the hotel a lot more sumptuous.

If you have the money and would like to tour the world, we suggest that you drop by Monaco. Once there, you should stay in Hotel de Paris and have a once-in-a-lifetime stay.

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